Bath time #226

 Daily painting #226. 6"x6" oil on primed canvas panel

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It has been a long time since one of these little yellow rubber ducks were floating in the bathtubs in my house but if you are a regular reader you will know how nostalgic I am and so this little guy is still around (some call it nostalgia ....my husband calls it being a hoarder....unable to throw anything away....take your pick). I actually found him in my studio and have painted him before for a piece that was in an exhibition dealing with the object and belonging. I couldn't resist painting him again this morning....I mean who doesn't have fond childhood memories of yellow rubber ducks and bath time? Or maybe you associate a yellow duck with Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman whose 54 foot high bright yellow inflatable artwork made its way through harbors throughout the world! Either way it is amazing how an image can speak universally despite the language you use....images are more powerful than words (apologies to all you amazing writers out there....this is a personal opinion and no offense intended!) 

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