Cloud study #188

Daily painting #188. 6"x8" oil on primed canvas panel

Did you ever lie on the ground as a child and look up at the sky and try to find pictures in the passing clouds? My kids love to do that....and so do I! I love observing the shapes, tones and colors in the sky....and as you all know, I love painting it! The sky can show such calm and yet it can also be full of energy. I always find such emotion in the sky (my husband looks sideways at me when I say this....so you too would be forgiven for thinking I am crazy hahaha!). Today has been the last day of holidays. After the weekend my children are back at school and my art classes start up again next week so it was good to take some time out to relax today, take it slow ....watch the clouds pass by....and test my skills at trying to capture their beauty!

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