Morning glow #110

Daily painting #110. 5"x7" oil on primed canvas panel SOLD

Today was one of those busy days when so much was happening that if I didn't spend some quiet time doing a little painting before the rush began, today might have been the day I did not do a little daily painting! Kids are back at school, so we are off to an early start anyway...but for me that moment of quiet before the rest of the house wakes is like soul food ....I relish that time of day! I can never get tired of the rush of excitement at capturing, quickly and immediately, the light as it changes in the early morning!
So this is how my day began....the peace (and soul food) before the madness of a busy day!

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  1. This just showed up in my inbox and before I read anything, I found myself stopping and taking a big, cleansing breath. So beautiful. Thank you lovely.

    1. Aaaaaahhhh.....what a lovely response!! So glad then that I captured at least some of the beauty of the early morning to share with you...x

  2. Hi Heidi

    Any chance you could paint me another Morning Glow?! Love it to bits. So sad it's sold...



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