Back to school #108

Daily painting #108. 5"x7" oil on primed canvas panel. SOLD

Back to school....aaarrrggghhh!!!!! The holidays seemed to have flown by so quickly and now my children are about to start the 2014 school year! I am excited for them but I do love holiday time (who doesn't)! I have spent the last few days organizing stationery and covering books. In South Africa in both public and private schools, our children are required to wear school uniforms and so I have also been making sure uniforms fit and that nothing is lost, missing or needs replacing. Fortunately all that needed replacing was my daughters school shoes. 'Bata Toughees' is the brand name for the school shoes....and 'toughees' they are! They have not changed one bit from when I was at school...they are imitation black leather, hard soled shoes with a cross bar and buckle....and they are uncomfortable....especially when they are new! The first week of school you walk around like you have planks on your feet, they don't bend, they feel heavy (and hot in our weather) and give you blisters at the back and rub your toes even though you are wearing socks! Shoes AND socks in the heat of summer....crazy!!! Isn't starting school after a fun holiday punishment enough? The dreaded black school shoes....they bring back lots of memories!

Day 15 of the 30/30 challenge....half way there!!

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  1. Heidi, I follow Vicki Sleet's blog "I Want That" She has featured a Cape Town artist today and I thought it would be great if you got hold of her to feature your artwork - here is the link to today's post. http://www.iwantthat.co.za/life-less-ordinary/life-in-miniature/

  2. Hi Cindy....thanks so much, you are such a honey!!!! Really appreciate it! I love her work....and thanks for introducing me to the iwantthat blog!


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