Marinated olives #92

Daily painting 92. 4"x6" oil painting on primed canvas board

I love to cook! I love shopping for delicious ingredients ...and I am one of those people who buy recipe books as a hobby and read them from cover to cover like others would a novel...and yet I rarely cook using a recipe unless of course it is to bake and specific measurements are needed! So in case you thought I was just greedy....you now know why so many of my paintings include food....food is just part of my daily creative fix whether it is in the kitchen or in my studio...I am inspired by the textures, colours, smells and tastes....
This festive season I made a HUGE jar of marinated olives ....a recipe which evolves each time I make it depending on the ingredients in my cupboard and the herbs growing in my garden! I never make a single batch ....they don't last long in this house ....but last week I made the biggest batch I have ever made in the largest glass jar I could find thinking they would last Christmas and New Year and could be used for snacks, salads, pastas and for our favourite type of lunch which my kids call 'pick and choose' where a variety of breads, cheeses, olives, left overs, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado etc etc etc is placed on the table and everyone makes their own meal depending on what they choose...

Well yesterday I went to place whatever I could find on the table for 'pick and choose' and discovered 4 little olives at the bottom of this huge jar!!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes....my family have been dipping into the jar ...eating the olives like candy! So much for thinking they would last out the festive season! I guess next time I will have to make 2 HUGE jars of marinated olives!

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