End of the Season (cricket ball) #55

Daily painting #55 6"x8" oil painting on primed canvas board  SOLD

It is the end of a season. Endings make way for new beginnings. We are nearing the end of another year, (our school year runs Jan-Nov), another happy term of studio classes is drawing to an end and the first half of cricket season is almost up!

Cricket is  a popular game in South Africa and while I may not have a sporty bone in my body, I am married to a professional cricket coach. My husband Andrew runs his own cricket academy called Shedders Cricket Academy, and naturally my son too, lives to play cricket! If you don't know anything about cricket....cricket usually lasts the whole day....sometimes it can last 5 days...it is a long game that I have had to learn to enjoy watching, but it is time consuming to say the least. Cricket season is always a busy time in our house!

So finally we have reached the end of another season, cricket kit (and tired bodies) can be given a rest. The studio exhibition was a great success, only a few more days of school and ....another 'season' is over....think it's time for Summer holidays!

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